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                        • Screenwriting
                          19th Smash Year!!! (Established 1994 and regularly updated)
                        • Script
                          All the help a script writer needs.
                          Barb Angell Productions will read and assess your screenplays, manuscripts etc.
                        • Script editing
                          with the Script
                          Barb Angell is The Script Doctor
                          - an expert script adviser
                          - also screenwriting, story development and script consultant.
                        Barb Angell's Screenwriting courses by email.
                        Script assessments. Scriptwriting mentor. Script editing. Screenwriting consultant. Public speaker and lecturer.
                         get started now!

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                        Screenwriting courses

                        For both film and television.

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                        Script assessment

                        All the help a script writer needs

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                        Script editing/doctoring

                        Script editing with the Script Doctor

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                        Script reading

                        Script reading service for Producers

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                        Learn screenwriting

                        Email us and you learn at home

                        Writing advice, story development

                        Looking for help with story development, screenwriting advice, script development?

                        Read more

                        Learn screenwriting

                        How to write scripts and screenplays

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                        Options for sale on screenplays and stage plays

                        Top scripts for SALE and PERFORMANCE!

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